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EFC is committed to promoting participation opportunities for New York State ("State") certified minority- and women-owned business enterprises ("MWBEs") and federal disadvantaged business enterprises ("DBEs"), and equal employment opportunities ("EEO") for minority group members and women in the performance of EFC contracts as well as contracts that receive financial assistance through EFC's various programs. As such, EFC complies with, and requires all contractors and subcontractors working on EFC contracts as well as projects receiving EFC financial assistance to comply with, State Executive Law Article 15-A, Title 5 NYCRR Parts 140-145, and TItle 40 CFR Part 33, as applicable.

For contracts entered into by EFC for its corporate operations, EFC has established a 30% total MWBE goal, comprised of a 15% MBE goal and a 15% WBE goal. Additional information regarding EFC's corporate procurements, including potential opportunities for MWBEs, can be found under Public Information. 

EFC also requires all contractors and subcontractors working on EFC contracts, as well as project receiving EFC financial assistance, to comply with State and federal non-discriminatory provisions. Contractors and subcontractors:

  1. shall not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, predisposing genetic characteristic, marital status, military status, or domestic violence victim status against any employee or applicant for employment;
  2. shall undertake or continue existing programs of affirmative action to ensure that minority group members and women are afforded equal employment opportunities without discrimination; and
  3. shall make and document conscientious and active efforts to employ and utilize minority group members and women in the work force on contracts and subcontracts relating to EFC-funded projects. 

For more information regarding the MWBE and/or DBE program, see EFC's bid packets here.


MWBE Combined Goal*

Clean Water SRF
Drinking Water SRF
Green Innovation Grant Program

NYS WIIA Grants 
(also receiving EFC loan)

Clean Water project: 23%
Drinking Water project: 26%

NYS Intermunicipal Grants Clean Water project: 24%
Drinking Water project: 24%
NYS Financial Assistance Only 30%
Engineering Planning Grant 30%


*May be any combination of MBE an/or WBE participation.

The following contains required EEO forms and guidance that should be used for compliance and reporting purposes.  For the EEO Workforce Employment Utilization Report, please follow the instructions and use the link below for submissions.

*Please Note: EEO Reporting requirements have changed beginning December 2020. Please reach out to the Minority Business Officer at the project municipality to determine whether EEO reporting is still required on your project.

EEO Policy Statement 

EEO Staffing Plan

EEO Workforce Employment Utilization Report Instructions

Report Submission