2020 GIGP Grant Awards

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New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation 2020 Green Innovation Grant (GIGP) Recipients



Project Name

Environmental Justice Area


Grant Amount

Western New York

Buffalo Sewer Authority

Niagara Phase 4b

The City of Buffalo will use GIGP funds to create green streets along the Niagara River. The installation of stormwater planters and stormwater street trees will help to renovate an environmental justice area while improving the water quality of  the Niagara River.


Southern Tier

City of Binghamton

Deco District Green Infrastructure

The City of Binghamton will use GIGP funds to revitalize a downtown streetscape in it's DECO district.  The installation of stormwater street trees and bioretention will help to improve the water quality of the Chenango and Susquehanna Rivers.


Capital District

City of Cohoes

Mohawk-Hudson Bike Trail Green Infrastructure Corridor

The City of Cohoes will use GIGP funds to re-establish wetlands along the Mohawk-Hudson Bike Trail. These wetlands will restore a scenic recreational area along the Hudson River while improving the body of water by helping to reduce combined sewer overflows in the City.


Mohawk Valley

Gloversville Water Works

Water Efficiency Upgrade

The City of Gloversville will use GIGP funds to replace obsolete water meters with new Advanced Metering Infrastructure. The installation of the new water meters will provide more accurate readings and enable the City to identify system leaks that account for loss of an estimated 50,000 gallons of potable water per day.



City of Newburgh

Broadway Reconstruction

The City of Newburgh will use GIGP funds to help revitalize Broadway. The installation of bioretention and stormwater street trees will reduce stormwater runoff while improving infrastructure along an important business corridor.


Southern Tier

City of Norwich

Water Meter Replacement

The City of Norwich will use GIGP funds to upgrade aging water meters with new Advanced Metering Infrastructure.  The new water meters will increase the City's water efficiency, which was estimated to have had over 40% of water produced unaccounted for in 2019.


Central New York

City of Oswego

Eastside Waste Water Treatment Plant Blower Improvements

The City of Oswego will use GIGP funds to install new energy efficient blowers at the Eastside Wastewater Treatment Plant. The new blowers will provide a reduction of energy use by over 50%, while also helping the Plant operate more efficiently overall.



City of Poughkeepsie

Green Infrastructure Enhancements to Malcolm X Park

The City of Poughkeepsie will use GIGP funds for the Malcolm X pocket park in the northside of the City. The installation of rain gardens, bioretention and trees will provide green space in an environmental justice area as well as help to improve the water quality of the Fall Kill Creek and the Hudson River.


Mohawk Valley

City of Rome

Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvements

The City of Rome will use GIGP funds to increase treatment capacity of the anaerobic digesters at the County Wastewater Treatment Plant. The installation of a new combined heat and power system will allow the facility to produce enough biogas to achieve net-zero energy status.


Mohawk Valley

Oneida County

Water Pollution Control Micro Turbines

Oneida County will use GIGP funds towards the installation of microturbines at their Water Pollution Control Plant. Excess biogas from digesters is currently flared and wasted. The addition of the new microturbines will allow the County to utilize the excess biogas to increase the capacity of electricity production.


Capital District

Town of Coeymans

Coeymans Landing Riverfront Park


The Town of Coeymans will use GIGP funds to make green infrastructure improvements to the Landing Riverfront Park on the Hudson River. The installation of bioretention areas and stormwater street trees will help alleviate flooding at the Park while also providing a better environment for the community to gather.


North Country

Town of Diana

Water District No. 1


The Town of Diana will use GIGP funds to install water meters in the unmetered Diana Water District No.1, which was previously the Village of Harrisville prior to being dissolved.  The new meters will help the Town comply with a NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Water Withdrawal Permit which requires the Town to meter 100% of all customers by 2025.


Finger Lakes

Town of Ontario

Energy Efficiency


The Town of Ontario will use GIGP funds to upgrade the Town's Wastewater Treatment Plant. The installation of a cascade post aeration system will replace an existing tank with dedicated blowers and drastically reduce both energy consumption and the Plant's carbon footprint.


North Country

Town of Ticonderoga

Water Pollution Control Plant Ventilation Upgrade


The Town of Ticonderoga will use GIGP funds for the installation of an effluent heat exchanger system at the Water Pollution Control Plant. This energy efficient system will supplement the existing heating systems, reduce emissions, improve ventilation, and increase the longevity of the equipment at the plant.



Town of Wallkill

Water Meter Replacement - Smart Meters

The Town of Wallkill will use GIGP funds to upgrade existing water meters with Advanced Metering Infrastructure technology. The upgraded meters will reduce water loss in Consolidated Water District #1, which has become a significant problem over the last decade.


Mohawk Valley

Village of Ilion

Steele Creek Floodplain and Stream Channel Restoration

The Village of Ilion will use GIGP funds towards the second phase of floodplain and creek channel restoration along Steele Creek. This Project will increase the flood resiliency of Steele Creek through the installation of floodplain benches and widening of the creek channel.


Capital District

Village of Ravena

Faith Plaza Stream Daylighting


The Village of Ravena will use GIGP funds for the Faith Plaza Stream Daylighting Project. The daylighting of a segment of the Hannacroix Creek will improve the water quality of the Creek and the Hudson River.


Capital District

Village of South Glens Falls

Water Meter Upgrade


The Village of South Glens Falls will use GIGP funds to upgrade existing water meters at commercial properties as well as install water meters at unmetered residential properties. The addition of an Automatic Meter Reading system will provide water efficiencies that will help the Village meet it's water demand, which it has failed to do during summer months. 


Capital District

Washington County

Sewer District #2 Energy Efficiency Replacement


Washington County will replace existing influent screw pumps with new energy efficient pumps at their Sewer District #2 Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The new pumps are estimated to provide an energy reduction of over 60%.



Westchester County

Yonkers Waste Water Treatment Plant Engine Generator and Blower Replacement

The Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities will use GIGP funds to replace two outdated inefficient fuel engines with energy efficient combined heat and power engines and heat recovery system at the Yonkers Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project will address air emission concerns, provide on-site energy production, and reduce the amount of fossil fuels consumed at the plant.