Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)

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Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)

The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) provides the public with the right to gain access to government records.  Many records maintained by EFC are available under FOIL. 

How to submit a FOIL request:

All requests for records must be in writing and mailed or e-mailed to the Records Access Officer as set forth below.  Please describe the records you are seeking as specifically as possible and include relevant project information, dates, and names so that we may easily identify which records are responsive to your request.  Please also provide a phone number and e-mail so we may contact you if we have any questions.

Maureen McGrath
Records Access Officer
NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation 
625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207-2997

EFC is required to provide the records requested in the form requested if we have the ability to do so; however, we are not required to create any new records or provide information in response to questions. Also, EFC may withhold certain records or portions of records if they fall within one or more grounds for denying access listed under the FOIL statute (Public Officers Law, Article 6). 

Upon appointment, records are available for inspection and/or copying Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at EFC’s office at 625 Broadway, Albany, NY.

Pursuant to Public Officers Law, Section 87(3)(c), the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) maintains a reasonably detailed current list by subject matter of all records in its possession. EFC updates its subject matter list annually, with the date of the most recent update set forth below. 

EFC’s Subject Matter List


EFC's FOIL Request Form


For more information about FOIL, contact the Committee on Open Government.

Appeals of FOIL determinations must be made in writing within 30 days and directed to: 

Maureen Coleman
FOIL Appeals Officer
Office of General Counsel
NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation 
625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207-2997