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The Clean Water Infrastructure Act of 2017 authorizes the provision of expedited emergency financial assistance to municipalities for wastewater and drinking water infrastructure emergencies. The amount of financial assistance provided to any municipality will be based on the reasonable costs immediately necessary to address the emergency. The financial assistance is to be repaid within one year.

A municipality may access emergency financial assistance if the condition of its wastewater or drinking water infrastructure is causing or could reasonably be expected to cause an imminent hazard to public health or welfare, or the environment. Upon a municipality's formal declaration of an emergency and subsequent application, emergency financial assistance will be provided within two business days of a determination by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) or Department of Health (DOH) that the current state of the infrastructure is or may result in a hazard and the reasonable costs to eliminate or substantially reduce the hazard.

For more information, please refer to the Emergency Financial Assistance Program Summary


Emergency financial assistance is available to any county, city, town, village, district, corporation, county or town improvement district, school district, Indian nation or tribe recognized by the State or the United States with a reservation wholly or partly within the boundaries of New York State, any public benefit corporation or public authority established pursuant to the laws of New York or any agency of New York State which is empowered to construct and operate a wastewater or drinking water infrastructure project.

Eligible expenses include the reasonable costs of infrastructure construction, replacement, or repair, and related engineering costs at a publicly-owned treatment works (POTW) permitted by DEC, a publicly-owned sewer system (POSS) registered with DEC, or a municipally-owned public water system (PWS), that are immediately necessary to eliminate or substantially reduce an imminent hazard to the public health or welfare, or to the environment.