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The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) provides free, confidential technical assistance to New York's small business owners to assist them in complying with state and federal air regulations. SBEAP's partner is the Small Business Environmental Ombudsman of Empire State Development. Under the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, every state across the nation must provide a small business assistance program to help businesses understand if air requirements apply to them and, if so, the necessary steps to become compliant.

What Does SBEAP Do?
  • Operates a toll-free technical assistance hotline to answer questions from small businesses, help determine what regulations apply to their operations, and help them understand how to comply with those regulations.
  • Assist businesses with completing the required authorizations and supporting documentation, including permit application forms for State Facility Permits or Minor Facility Registrations, emission inventories, air dispersion modeling and compliance plans. 
  • Provide pollution prevention suggestions in the areas of material substitution and process modification that may alleviate regulatory requirements.
  • As needed, conduct on-site technical assistance visits to evaluate the site-specific compliance issues at your business.
  • Prepare technical publications (factsheets and brochures) to provide both general compliance information and information for specific industry sectors.
  • We sponsor and co-sponsor seminars and workshops across the state to bring technical information to locations near your business.

Under New York State Law, all information that a small business reveals to the SBEAP is strictly confidential unless there is an imminent threat to health or safety. There is no time limit on the confidentiality of information that a small business reveals to the SBEAP and such information will not be passed on to regulatory authorities. EFC, which administers the SBEAP is not a regulatory agency and has no enforcement capabilities.