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The ISC Grant Program is not accepting new applications.

EFC is offering up to $8 million in grant for projects that incorporate green infrastructure into Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) projects to encourage and support green infrastructure alternatives and solutions. Successful applicants will construct projects that remove stormwater from combined, sanitary, or storm sewers. The proposed project must demonstrate the value of integrating green practices into traditional gray infrastructure projects to provide water quality benefits, as well as the advantages of natural systems. 

Awarded projects will receive 50% of the construction cost of eligible green stormwater practices. ISC grant funding is available only in conjunction with CWSRF financing.


To be eligible for ISC consideration, the project must:

  • Submit an Engineering Report or Amendment consistent with the Engineering Report Outline
  • Demonstrate site conditions are suitable for the successful incorporation of green and gray infrastructure.
  • Include green infrastructure that provides runoff reduction from each practice of at least 25% of the Water Quality Volume, as defined in Chapter 4 of the NYS DEC Stormwater Management Design Manual.
  • Quantify the estimated volume of stormwater removed from the combined, sanitary, or storm system.
  • Comply with EPA's Green Project Reserve (GPR) Guidance for construction costs. Please note that land acquisition and maintenance equipment are not eligible for this program. 

Additional information regarding the specific design considerations for each practice can be found in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6  of the Stormwater Management Design Manual.  

Evaluation Criteria

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Successfully demonstrate a comprehensive hybrid approach to incorporating green infrastructure into a sewer project.
  • Address issues identified in an enforcement action.
  • Successfully demonstrate a reduced flow to a combined, sanitary, or storm system.
  • Effectively protect, enhance, improve water quality, or address a regional water quality issue.
  • Can be replicated to improve water quality in an urban area.
  • For which the applicant has provided for a reasonable plan for the long-term operation and maintenance of the project. 
Program Requirements

EFC is committed to promoting participation opportunities for New York State ("State") certified minority- and women-owned business enterprises ("MWBEs") and federal disadvantaged business enterprises ("DBEs"), and equal employment opportunities ("EEO") for minority group members and women in the performance of EFC contracts as well as contracts that receive financial assistance through EFC's various programs.


The goal of the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Act is to encourage and support eligible SDVOBs to play a greater role in the state's economy by increasing their participation in New York State's contracting opportunities. 

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The State Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act of 2010 is intended to augment the state's environmental policy by maximizing the social, economic, and environmental benefits of public infrastructure development while minimizing unnecessary environmental degradation, disinvestment in urban and suburban communities, and the loss of open space resulting from sprawl development. 

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The utilization of iron and steel products that are produced in the United States is required for construction, alteration, maintenance, or repair of public water systems or treatment works funded wholly or in part by SRF financial assistance. 

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Requirements regarding prevailing wages, hours of work, and rates of pay are required for contracts in excess of $2,000 and are funded wholly or in part by SRF financial assistance. 

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