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To apply for emergency financial assistance, a municipality with a water infrastructure emergency must submit the following items to DEC (POTW or POSS) or DOH (PWS) as appropriate. 

  • Water Infrastructure Emergency Financial Assistance Application Form, which requires the applicant to provide key information, including point of contact for the municipality, as well as the nature, location, and impact of the emergency.
  • Copy of the municipality's formal declaration of emergency.
  • Engineer's itemized estimate of costs for the emergency project.

Applications for a POTW or POSS project must be sent to Wastewater.Infrastructure@dec.ny.gov

Applications for a PWS project must be sent to bpwsp@health.ny.gov

Within two business days of a determination by DEC or DOH of a hazard and the reasonable costs to eliminate or substantially reduce the hazard, the municipality will receive emergency financial assistance upon execution of an agreement with the Environmental Facilities Corporation. 

Emergency Program Application