Authorities Budget Office Documents


The Public Authorities Reform Act (PARA) of 2009 (Public Authorities Law Article 1 Title 2 Section 4) establishes the independent Authorities Budget Office (ABO) and provides the ABO with broad powers and responsibilities, among them:

  • the review of authority operations, practices and reports and the assessment of compliance with applicable laws;
  • assisting authorities in improving management practices;
  • making recommendations to the Legislature and other bodies of opportunities to improve performance and oversight of authorities;
  • reviewing of all Board activities, etc.


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Annual Reports
Audit Reports
Budget Financial Plans
General Documents

  About Us

Our mission is to provide low-cost capital and expert technical assistance for environmental projects in New York State. Our purpose is to help public and private entities comply with federal and State environmental protection and quality requirements in a cost effective manner that advances sustainable growth. We promote innovative environmental technologies and practices in all of our programs.

 The Environmental Facilities Corporation has provided $18 billion in low-cost financing and grants to more than 2,000 water and sewer infrastructure projects spanning New York State.

As a public benefit corporation, EFC's environmental initiatives extend financial and technical assistance to municipalities, non-profits and small businesses, ensuring they meet water and air quality regulations. The Corporation's programs also serve to build lasting relationships with communities, promote innovative infrastructure solutions and allow staff to pinpoint the State’s future water infrastructure needs.

The Corporation has also launched the State Revolving Fund (SRF) Sustainability Initiative - a new strategic planning effort that will enhance EFC’s ability to use the Clean Water SRF and Drinking Water SRF to promote smart growth, reduce energy use and improve asset management. To learn more, click here.

EFC promotes water efficiency to our client communities to help reduce the costs of water and wastewater infrastructure and is a partner with US EPA's WaterSense Program.

The Corporation is empowered by State law to:

  • finance certain State Contributions to the SRFs and for certain environmental infrastructure projects;
  • finance, through the issuance of special obligation revenue bonds under its Industrial Finance Program, water management, solid waste disposal, sewage treatment and pollution control projects undertaken by or on behalf of private entities; and

  • provide technical advice and assistance to private entities, state agencies and local government units on sewage treatment and collection, pollution control, recycling, hazardous waste abatement, solid waste disposal, and other related subjects.