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Smart Growth Review

The State Smart Growth Public Infrastructure Policy Act (the Act) of 2010 requires EFC to determine that a project meets relevant smart growth criteria, to the extent practicable, in order to provide CWSRF financial assistance. The Act is intended to augment the state’s environmental policy by maximizing the social, economic and environmental benefits of public infrastructure development while minimizing unnecessary environmental degradation, disinvestment in urban and suburban communities and the loss of open space resulting from sprawl development.


Smart Growth Guidance

EFC has developed Smart Growth Guidance for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program. This Guidance should be used by CWSRF applicants when completing their Project Listing Form and Smart Growth Assessment.

CWSRF applicants are required to submit a Project Listing Form and to annually update their project information in order for their project to be considered for CWSRF financial assistance. In the form applicants are asked to acknowledge that they understand that their project must comply with the Act in order to receive CWSRF financial assistance.

CWSRF applicants are also required to submit a Smart Growth Assessment that must be completed by the applicant’s project engineer or other design professional. The Smart Growth Assessment should be submitted with the approvable engineering report. The Smart Growth Assessment affords the applicant the opportunity to demonstrate to EFC that the project complies with the Act.  The applicant should provide sufficient information in the Smart Growth Assessment to enable EFC to determine consistency with the Act. A Smart Growth Assessment must be submitted to be placed on the Annual List of the Intended Use Plan.

NOTE:  Submission of an insufficient or untimely Smart Growth Assessment Form can lengthen the review process for a CWSRF application.