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EFC's MWBE program requires prime contractors and service providers to conduct good faith efforts to achieve a 20% combined MBE and WBE participation goal for their contract. When it is not necessary to obtain a subcontractor local to the project, MWBE solicitation should be statewide.

Effective October 1, 2012, EFC will administer the goal as a combined goal, which means any combination of MBE and WBE participation that equals or exceeds 20% of the value of the applicable contracts/agreements will be considered to meet the goal.

Construction Contracts and Non-Construction Contracts/Agreements 

The following MWBE participation goals are applicable to both construction contract and service contracts/agreements based on the date of execution of the contract or agreement.

10/1/2012 – Present

MWBE Combined Goal*

All counties


*May be any combination of MBE and/or WBE participation.

  SRF Bid Packets

Treatment Works Projects include:
  • CWA Section 212
  • Wastewater Collection & Treatment Systems
  • Drinking Water


> Construction Bid Packet  (click HERE)          > Non-Construction Bid Packet (click HERE)


Non-Point Source Projects include:

  • CWA Section 319
  • Estuary Projects
  • Stormwater Projects NOT involving Treatment Works


> Construction Bid Packet  (click HERE)          > Non-Construction Bid Packet  (click HERE)


  MWBE-EEO and
  Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

This spreadsheet may be downloaded and used to find firms that prime contractors and service providers are using on their Clean Water or Drinking Water projects. EFC does not promote any of these firms, but offers the list to assist our SRF recipients in obtaining MWBE participation on their project.

EFC maintains a robust MWBE program that includes training, technical assistance and guidance for SRF recipients. EFC is also committed to creating opportunities for certified firms to participate on all SRF projects as both prime contractors and subcontractors. This website contains guidance materials for SRF recipients, contractors and subcontractors as well as copies of regulations and accepted utilization plans and closeout forms.

EFC's MWBE program complies with both federal and state regulations. Federal Disabled Business Enterprise regulations are found in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 33 and require SRF recipients to offer fair share opportunities for agreements and/or sub-agreements to disadvantaged, minority and woman-owned businesses.


The NYS law and regulations for Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises can be found in Executive Law, Article 15-A, and Title 5 of the New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR), parts 140-145. The NYS laws and regulations may be amended from time to time so the SRF recipients should check this website for new about any updates that may affect SRF requirements.


MWBE Materials


1.    For Recipients

The Recipients are the municipalities and entities that receive funds directly from EFC through the State Revolving Funds (SRFs), including the Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP) and the Engineering Planning Grant (EPG).  The Minority Business Officer (MBO), designated by the SRF recipient, should refer to the information in this folder for guidance.

2.   For Prime Contractors:  Construction & Non-Construction
The prime contractors are the entities doing business directly for the recipient.  The files in this folder apply to both construction and non-construction contracts/service agreements.  The Bid Packets include required contract language, guidance and forms for MWBE and other SRF requirements.

3.    For MWBE Subcontractors
The MWBE subcontractors are the entities doing business directly for the prime contractors.  This folder includes documents that the subcontractor is required to complete as well as other information to help certified firms find opportunities to participate on SRF funded projects, such as the list of minority business officers (MBOs) designated by SRF recipients. 

4.    EFC MWBE Review
EFC posts accepted MWBE Utilization Plans and Closeout Reports for all SRF funded contracts/service agreements within this folder. 

5.    Regulations
Laws and regulations relating to the MWBE and Equal Employment Opportunity requirements reside in this folder. However, these change occasionally so you should verify that you are using the most current version.