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Green Infrastructure Projects



In order to be considered for funding,
applicants must complete
a Consolidated Funding Application (CFA).

For application form,
please visit
the Regional Economic Development Council website:

Governor Cuomo Announces Round 7 of the Consolidated Funding Application

In 2011, Governor Cuomo launched the Regional Economic Development Councils (REDC) and the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) to provide each region with the tools to create and implement their own roadmap for economic prosperity and job creation. This community-based model uses local assets to drive local economic growth and has resulted in unprecedented partnerships and collaboration that are building a reinvigorated economy.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to work with their Regional Council to align their project with regional goals and priorities. The 2017 REDC Guidebook and a list of available resources will be accessible at

As part of Round 7 (2017), EFC is proud to announce the availability of up to $15 million to fund transformative water quality projects that go beyond offering a greener solution. These transformative projects leverage the multiple benefits of green stormwater infrastructure components, spur innovation in the field of stormwater management and build capacity across New York State.


Grant Parameters

All Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP) applications must be submitted through the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA).

Funding will be provided to selected projects to the extent that funds are available. Recipients will receive a grant from a minimum of 40% up to a maximum 90% of the total eligible project costs set forth in the application. A minimum of 10% up to 60% match from state or local sources is required. Eligible applicants may submit more than one grant application; however, EFC reserves the right to limit GIGP funding to one grant award per applicant. Furthermore, EFC reserves the right to fund all, or a portion, of an eligible proposed project.

Please contact us at  (518) 402-6924  or at  if you have any questions about your project's eligibility.