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Flag Logo.pngCVAP-logo-trans.pngThe Clean Vessel Assistance Program (CVAP) provides grants to marinas for the installation, renovation, and replacement of pumpout stations for the removal and disposal of recreational boater septic waste. The program is federally funded through the United State Fish and Wildlife Service and is administered by the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation. CVAP funding is supported through the Sport Fish Restoration fund and your purchase of fishing equipment and motor boat fuels. 

CVAP is a reimbursement grant program, and funding is not disbursed until all payments are made and the project is complete. Funding is currently available and applications are accepted on a continuous basis. 

CVAP offers three types of grant for which you may apply. For more information, see the CVAP Grant program descriptions below. 


Construction and Upgrade

The CVAP Construction and Upgrade Grant Program provides funding for up to 75% of eligible costs with a maximum of up to $60,000 for a pumpout boat and $35,000 for a stationary unit per project. These grants help marinas, municipalities, and not-for-profit organizations install new, or replace, repair, or renovate pumpout and dump station facilities to receive sewage from recreational marine vessels. 

  • Construction, replacement, repair, or renovation of stationary and portable pumpout/dump station units, including associated attachments, remote units, docks, and platforms.
  • Mobile pumpout vessels.
  • Floating restrooms, not connected to land or structures connected to the land, solely used by boaters.
  • Equipment associated with the pumpout facility. 
  • Activities and equipment necessary to hold and transport marine vessel sewage to sewage treatment plants.
  • Engineering costs associated with the eligible facilities, including planning, design, construction supervision, and inspection.
  • Administrative and legal costs directly associated with the pumpout facility. 
  • The project must focus on recreational boaters who are the primary user established in the rule 50 CFR 85.
  • The public will have full and reasonable access to the pumpout/dump station.
  • A flag will be provided by EFC and must be posted and visible to boaters from the water to assist boaters in identifying the location of the pumpout. Signs which credit CVAP will also be provided and must be posted, and must include the following information:
    • A maximum pumpout fee of $5.
    • Days of operation.
    • Hours of operation.
    • Restrictions, if any, e.g. Attendant use only, etc.
    • Name and telephone number or location to contact someone in case of operational problems.
    • Operating instructions, if self-service.
  • Rinse water and all necessary attachments, including a "potty wand" if no dump station onsite, must be available for use as needed during operational hours.
  • Applicants are responsible for seeking and providing any permits required. If there is any excavation involved in the project, the applicant must provide either a copy of a permit or a letter from a permit issuing authority stating one is not required.
Operation and Maintenance

The CVAP Operation and Maintenance Grant Program is intended for routine replacement items and costs incurred annually and not for major repairs. If major replacement or upgrade of a facility is necessary, please apply through the Construction and Upgrade grant program. Grants are provided for up to 75% of eligible costs up to $2,000 for land-based pumpout facilities and $5,000 for pumpout boats.

  • Land-Based Stationary or Mobile Facility
    • Emptying of the holding tank by a permitted waste hauler for pumpout waste costs only. If the holding tank is used for waste from other sources these costs will be pro-rated.
    • Start-up/placement costs for the season and costs to winterize the unit at the end of the season. 
    • Costs for routine maintenance and upkeep to the system that are directly related to the pumpout unit itself, such as new hoses, less costly replacement parts, plumbing and/or electrical parts, etc. 
    • A maximum reimbursement of $500 will be considered for any marina that provides an attendant that is available to assist with pumpout use at least 120 hours per year.


  • Land-Based Facility that Provides Services to Pumpout Boats:
    • Any applicant that operates a stationary, land-based pumpout facility and provides support for a pumpout boat may be eligible for additional funding. An additional $2,250 can be requested if the land-based facility has a holding tank for waste disposal and incurs additional costs for waste disposal because they accept offloading waste from a pumpout boat, or have other costs directly associated with supporting the operation of the pumpout boat.
    • For more information, see Pumpout Boat Support Guidance. 


  • Pumpout Boat:
    • Costs for fuel, oil, and routine maintenance for a pumpout boat.
    • Costs to unwrap the boat for the season and to shrink wrap the boat for the winter. 
    • Reimbursement will be allowed for personnel costs to provide service form a pumpout boat not to exceed the total reimbursable amount of $5,000. 
    • Dock fees, if required.
    • Costs to offload waste.
    • Hepatitis shots for pumpout boat personnel.
    • Pumpout boat insurance.

  • Either Land-Based or Pumpout Boat:
    • A flat administration reimbursement of $250 will be applied to any facility that submits completed "Pumpout Usage Log" forms to EFC with their request for funding. The information on this form will assist NYS in determining usage for long-term planning.
    • A facility that charges a fee for pumpout use is required to track fees collected and must report the fees with O&M costs in order to receive funding through the CVAP O&M program. The completed log may also be used to track this income and is an acceptable proof of receipts.
  • The time period that annual reimbursement requests for O&M funding should be submitted to EFC annually once all costs are fully documented for the current season. 
  • Facilities that charge for pumpout use will be required to account for the funds that are collected. The total amount of user fees collected must be subtracted from the costs claimed prior to determining the 75% level of funding. 
Information and Education

The CVAP Information and Education Grant Program provides municipalities and not-for-profit organizations with funding for projects that promote the understanding, use, and knowledge of pumpout stations in their particular area. Grants are provided for up to 75% of eligible costs with a maximum award of $5,000 per project. 

Eligible projects may include, but are not limited to, signs, workshops, written publications or brochures, advertisements, websites, DVDs, promotional incentives, or radio announcements. The projects must pertain to some aspect of CVAP as it applies to pumpouts. 

  • Development of content
  • Printing
  • Labor to produce
  • Advertisement space
  • Workshop space and materials
  • DVD productions.
  • Distribution of materials
  • Website posting costs
  • Talent for production of materials

All projects must credit the Clean Vessel Assistance Program for funding of the project. Whether written or spoken, the words "This project was funded through a Clean Vessel Act grant provided by the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation" must be included. All written publications must contain somewhere in the publication, the universal pumpout symbol and as part of the program crediting, the Sport Fish Restoration and EFC logos.