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Thursday, July 31, 2014
Stream "Daylighting": City of Yonkers
imgUrban Canopy Restoration, Rubber Pervious Pavement:  City of Rome
Urban Canopy Restoration, Rubber Pervious Pavement: City of Rome
imgPermeable Pavers:  Greenwood Lake
Permeable Pavers: Greenwood Lake
imgWetland Creation:  Tioga County
Wetland Creation: Tioga County
imgGreen Roof: Monroe County
Green Roof: Monroe County
imgSewage Treatment Plant:  Middletown
Sewage Treatment Plant: Middletown





Online Map Locates Pumpout Facilities for Recreational Boaters

Online Map Locates Pumpout Facilities for Recreational Boaters

More Sites Expected as NYS Environmental Facilities Corp. Announces $2 Million in New Funding, Applications Now Being Accepted from Public - and Privately-Owned Marinas

The Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) is now offering an online map showing the location of more than 280 pumpout facilities on Lake Ontario, the Long Island Sound, the Erie Canal, the Hudson River and other waterbodies used by recreational boaters. EFC also announced that a new round of funding for the Clean Vessel Assistance Program (CVAP) is making more than $2 million available for new pumpouts or the repair of existing facilities.

“Thanks to EFC’s Clean Vessel Assistance Program, approximately 1.5 million gallons of septic waste is collected each year for onshore disposal and treatment, resulting in cleaner water in lakes and rivers,” said EFC President and CEO Matthew J. Driscoll. “EFC is proud to announce the development of this online map and looks forward to continuing its work with community-owned and private marinas throughout New York State to protect, preserve and enhance the quality of New York’s navigable waterways.”

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EFC on the Road

The New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation manages the largest and one of the most successful Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) programs in the nation. Together, these funds have provided more than $17 billion in low-cost financing to approximately 2,000 projects throughout New York State.
To promote and build awareness of the SRF, the EFC staff presented information at more than 100 conferences, workshops, town board meetings and other forums in the past year. Our attendance at these events help bring EFC’s services to your front door and further assist communities -- both large and small – in addressing their water quality and infrastructure needs.
If you are interested in learning more about EFC, its programs and potential SRF funding opportunities, please email us at publicinfo@efc.ny.gov to discuss how we can meet with your organization.

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